November 21, 2021


Real estate software is the superpower behind top-performing real estate companies.

With the right software, a realtor does so much more.

Whether it’s lead generation, agent management, or handling client meetings, modern artificial intelligence-driven real estate systems help you work faster and efficiently. We’ve waded through many resources to pick the best real estate software in 2021.

Let’s dive in.

Real Estate Software Q&A

We will start with the basics.

What is real estate software?

Real estate software is a program that helps real estate professionals automate marketing campaigns, client inquiries, lead management, customer data, and other administrative tasks associated with selling or renting property.

How much is the real estate industry worth?

The global real estate industry is worth $156.2bn in 202. Source (IBIS World)

What do real estate agents do?

Real estate agents manage real estate deals between buyers and sellers. 

They advise clients about how to buy, sell, or rent houses and other properties at the best price.

Do I need a CRM for real estate?

Yes, you need a real estate CRM solution to manage customer relationships if you are a broker or real estate agent.

With a solid real estate CRM tool, you can attract clients, manage them, and close deals efficiently.

How do I choose the best real estate software?

Here’s the criterion you can use to identify the best real estate software tools for your business:

Business Needs

Real estate businesses have unique needs. First, identify your company’s most pressing needs. Where are the biggest bottlenecks in the sales pipeline? Is it generating quality leads, agent management, or a misfiring sales process? Once you know your biggest needs, you are best placed to pick a system that can meet them effectively.


Modern workflows are complex. There are many moving parts and countless tools for project management, sales processes, social media management, and more to assist agents to do their jobs competently. So be sure the software you choose gels with the tools you are already using.

Automation Capabilities

Selling houses and property is hard work. Real estate agencies have their hands full. The purpose of marketing software is to ease the load of overwhelmed real estate teams. After all, marketing automation software automates routine manual tasks. Choose software that reduces the workload of your real estate agents or helps them to be more productive.


For easy set-up, tighter data security, and smoother operations choose a cloud-based system. Unlike fixed desktop software, cloud systems allow workers to access info over the internet and serve clients no matter where they are via mobile apps. Plus, you don’t have to worry about system downtimes because the program auto-updates itself.

Ease Of Use

A tool may have all the bells and whistles, but if it’s complex and baffles team members, it’s useless. If anything, it can slow the team down and frustrate them. So, lean towards software with a straightforward user interface and a small learning curve. Then your team can hit the ground running and focus on making more money, not trying to crack the code of a sophisticated system.

Since you now have a benchmark to use to hone in on the right software, let’s get into the top real estate software...

What Software Do Real Estate Firms Use?

Here are the leading real estate apps by category:

  • Real Estate Site Builders: Placester, Zillow, Squarespace, IDX.
  • Real Estate Prospecting Software: REDX, Bold Leads, Power Dialer.
  • Real Estate CRM: Follow Up Boss, Wise Agent, Real Scout.
  • Home Valuation Software: PalmAgent One, House Canary, Real Data.
  • Real Estate Marketing Automation: Avochato.
  • Real Estate Accounting Software: Lone Wolf Back Office.
  • Real Estate Showing Scheduler: Pro Agent, Insta Showing.
  • Transaction Management: Dotloop, EZ Coordinator, Sky Slope. 
  • Best All-in-one Real Estate Software: Property Base, Real Geeks.

Real Estate Website Builders


Founded in 2011, Placester is a property marketing platform that helps realtors build stunning, customizable websites without breaking the bank.

Their excellent, done-for-you service deserves special mention.


  • Codeless editor for designing every detail of your website to perfection.
  • Creative assistants to help you with all your design needs.
  • Advanced IDX listing search for easy social media sharing.
  • Customer testimonial display to sway prospects with social proof.
  • Content-friendly design so your blogs, landing pages, and videos shine.
  • SEO-ready websites to make it easy for customers to find you online.

Zillow is a top real estate property management platform with a range of marketing tools to help people buy, sell, or rent houses.

You can connect with local business owners, compare the value of homes with a click, and search millions of gazillion rental or for-sale listings on the Zillow marketplace. They have a plain sailing user interface even non-techies can grasp straightaway. With average traffic of 300 million monthly visits, they are the biggest real estate marketplace by traffic.


  • Easy-to-use interface, so prospects search for their dream home intuitively.
  • MLS data feeds auto-update listings, so you always serve prospects fresh and accurate info for the best decision making.
  • Drive more business by sharing agent profiles to showcase their specialties, service areas, and active listings.
  • Mortgage calculators help agents assess the buying power of potential buyers quickly.
  • Advanced search feature to help users search by address, neighborhood, city, or ZIP code.


Free for property sellers and seekers.

3. IDX


Want a sleek super fast home search for prospective homeowners?

Then IDX is the answer.

With IDX Broker, you can easily create mobile-ready real estate websites to cater to today's always-on-the-move clients.


  • Beautiful modern WordPress designs complete with lead gen tools, web forms, property listings, live support, and more.
  • SEO-optimized sites with XML sitemaps, SEO-friendly URLs, meta tags, and search-friendly city links.
  • Customizable so you can personalize names to city, county, and ZIP code lists.
  • Featured listings management with automatic display of open houses and live editing of listings.
  • Fully responsive mobile themes so users search for properties on any device.
  • Flexible broker management that allows you to create a roster page for your agents and give individual agents logins.

Real Estate Prospecting Software



The real estate business is all about connecting agents to qualified sellers.

REDX, a renowned real estate prospecting platform, allows you to do just that. They've been in the property business for 18 years.


  • Focus on homeowners who are ready to sell, not just a list of phone numbers.
  • Power Dialer doubles efficiency so you connect with more sellers.
  • Free Vortex Lead Manager double-checks your leads against active listings to keep data fresh.
  • Market Insights gives you average price increases, median list price, and price per square foot to enhance your prospecting.
  • Grab red-hot For Sale By Owner (FSBO) leads a day before any other service.

As far as client generation software for real estate agents goes, Zurple is up there with the best.

You can use the end-to-end software to capture leads, start sales conversations, and convert them into paying customers.


  • Send personalized followup emails to your leads for relevant, engaging sales conversations.
  • Get prompt behavior-triggered lead contact alerts so you reach out to leads with the exact info they need.
  • Understand the needs of your customers via detailed lead profiles: location, desired properties, and price range.
  • Better targeting that allows you to hone in on sub-areas, not only ZIP codes and cites.


Contact sales.

Real Estate CRM Software

Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss is a top-notch CRM system for high-growth real estate companies.

They help realtors and agents follow up more leads, more efficiently from one place.


  • Import leads from 200+ sources with a few clicks.
  • Mobile app feature so your agents stay in touch with leads on the go.
  • Auto-send emails to leads directly from the app and get accurate records of all email conversations.
  • Identify missed calls and group them into a shared inbox for quicker follow up.
  • Works perfectly on both iPhone and Android devices.
  • Send text messages to your leads right inside your CRM and save time.
Wise Agent

If you are a real estate pro who’s looking for a simple solution, you’ll love Wise Agent. 

It’s an all-embracing platform CRM that covers lead generation, contact management, transaction management, lead automation, and marketing materials. Because Wise Agents is an all-in-one solution, you can run your entire real estate business from one place.


  • Flexible team settings that allow you to share events/contacts, set team permissions, to meet your unique team needs.
  • Lead Capture WordPress Plugin for high-converting lead capture forms and landing pages.
  • Transaction operations with customizable listing templates and a handy DocuSign integration for the easy signing of real estate forms.
  • Efficient time management suite complete with calendar, to-do list, and agent goal tracker.
  • Spark deeper conversation with leads via the Chrome Gmail Extension, Twitter Feed Reader, and Real Estate News.
Real Scout

Real Scout connects agents and homebuyers so they find ideal homes.

Real Scout focuses on giving potential smooth pain-free home search experiences. They use deep buyer data to help real estate professionals win more buyers. The company has a commendable 99% customer satisfaction rating on support tickets. 


  • You can access the software from any type of device, including iOS and Android devices.
  • Alert your customers of any fresh listings via instant email notifications which you can customize for specific prospects.
  • Machine learning-driven side-by-side, room-by-room listings comparison.
  • The system integrates with all leading 3-party apps like Zapier and Followup Boss so you can tailor it to your team’s specific needs.
  • Real Scout’s safe search feature allows prospects to search for properties without being bombarded with ads from other agents.

Home Valuation Software


No listing of veteran real estate software tools leaves out Palm Agent.

For a quarter of a century, they’ve been helping real estate pros provide excellent service to their clients. Through their portable closing cost apps, they put real estate in the palm of your hand so you can do business anywhere.


  • Works on iPads, iPhones, and Androids, which help agents to stay productive and access data outside the office.
  • Connect with customers on social media with consumer calculators, photo lenses, and infographics.
  • Allows clients to know exactly how much they will net from a deal in seconds no matter where they are or which device they are on.
  • Get buyer estimates and closing costs in a snap.
  • Vivid, super-detailed, and easy-to-grasp graphs and reports so you keep tabs on your company’s key performance indicators. 


Reach out for a custom quote.

House Canary

House Canary is an experienced real estate software brand.

They have impressive figures:

  • 108 million US home valuations.
  • 88 million rental property valuations.
  • 19 thousand ZIP Codes covered. 

With such numbers under their belt, they will take good care of all your real estate company needs. Major financial institutions, mortgage investors, and collateral investors rely on House Canary.


  • Exclusive machine learning valuation technology provides automated valuations with detailed contextual data and onsite property inspection.
  • Property Explorer function gives you a rich valuation report that includes neighborhood heatmaps, comparative searches, and link sharing.
  • Real estate investing solutions with deep nationwide brokerage data, so you make the right decisions.
  • Make informed decisions with sophisticated analytics that taps from 100 million property details.
  • Export search results and view them at your own time.


Talk to sales for a custom quotation.

Real Data

Real Data is the software of choice for real estate investors and developers.

Their range of tools help serious property investors discover property potential and enhance their chances of making a profit from their deals. The company’s courses help potential investors make wise decisions and know how to pick winners from the losers.


  • Video courses for investors teach investment metrics, value-add investments, cash flow analysis, and more.
  • REIA Express and Pro software for 1-click lightning-fast investment analysis.
  • Nail your land subdivision, houses, and condominium projects costing and forecasts with the On Schedule feature.
  • Make personal financial statements fast on Mac and Windows.
  • C/I Development feature helps you assess project cost and practicality, find partners, and secure financing.


  • Commercial Industrial Development (CID) $85 for 30-Days or $395 unlimited.
  • Real Estate Calculator (32 Modules) $58.
  • Property Analysis Service $350.

Real Estate Marketing Automation


Avochato is a specialized messaging platform for teams that want to stay connected to their customers 24/7.

To better serve your customers, you need to have constant deep conversations with them. That's exactly what Avochato is all about.


  • Have engaging real-time conversations with your customers via SMS and live chat.
  • Use a shared inbox to route customers to the right agent for prompt service.
  • Create canned responses to FAQs to answer customer queries faster and save time.
  • Streamline workflows with Slack, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Zapier.
  • Use smart automated tags to segment leads for personalized messaging.

Real Estate Accounting Software

Lone Wolf Back Office

Another powerful, highly regarded tool in the real estate industry is the Lone Wolf Back Office, a brainchild of Lone Wolf Technologies.

It’s the gold standard in real estate back office and accounting. Lone Wolf takes care of the financial administration, so you focus on growing your business, not pesky paperwork.


  • Track and handle all financial records and accounts payable and receivable including financial reports.
  • Efficient agent management from licensing details, contact information, invoicing, and tax documents.
  • Beat duplicate data entry with listings and MLS integration that refreshes data every four hours.
  • Computerize commission calculation with personalized commission thresholds, agent expense allocation, deal classes, and fees.


Contact sales.

Real Estate Showing Schedule

Pro Agent

Pro Agent empowers you to generate new leads, manage customer relationships, and improve productivity. 

With a plan that starts at only $2,99 a month, they are one of the cheapest real estate tools on the market.


  • Plain-sailing user interface so you spend more time selling more homes, not trying to grasp the software.
  • Easily import your contacts via CSV file from Gmail, Outlook, Zillow, and other CRMs.
  • Manage tasks efficiently with shared team calendar, upcoming events notifications via email or SMS, and showing appointment manager.
  • Nurture prospective customers through triggered sequences, drip campaigns, and customized listings.
  • Automate lead generation on your website with lead capture forms linked to your CRM.


Digital Flyer









Insta Showing

Insta Showing is an online real estate tool whose mission is to simplify showing management so agents and customers get to the sale faster.

The software removes the confusion of showing meetings so agents impress clients.


  • Arrange buyer tours, schedule many showings with a single click, and share the tour details with buyers effortlessly.
  • Customize approval settings: set times that suit you and your clients, reschedule meetings, accept appointments.
  • An easy-to-use interface that makes showing management pain-free.
  • MLS dashboard to ensure compliance with all rules and regulations.

Transaction Management


Dotloop is a popular transaction management software used by 10,000 brokerages and a staggering half a million agents.

As a web-based service, Dotloop facilitates collaboration between buyers, realtors, and sellers for faster deals.


  • Speed up transactions with a fully-fledged management solution: forms, esignatures, sharing, text tracking, and storage.
  • 75+ integrations so you can incorporate all your favorite tools into your workflow.
  • 190+ Associations and MLSs so agents get forms in a flash and clinch deals faster.
  • Robust and colorful reporting features, so you keep your finger on all your vital metrics to keep your business on track.
  • Manage transactions on the road with the free mobile application.
EZ Coordinator

EZ Coordinator is a cloud-based software for agents, brokers, and transaction coordinators.

From transaction oversight to lead management, from email marketing to back office management, from tasks tracking to document management, the tool does it all.


  • Store vital customer data securely, manage seller and buyer leads, and keep tabs on property types on the CRM.
  • Schedule tasks and set up reminders so you don't miss important transaction dates.
  • Thoroughly review documents to ensure everything is in order and clinch the deal confidently.
  • The software works well with popular apps like Google Calendar, Infusionsoft, and DocuSign.
  • Live management of leads and listings for smooth task management, better collaboration, and a shorter sales cycle.
Sky Slope

Sky Slope is a renowned real estate transaction management software. It gives agents and teams all the tools they need to facilitate deals from contract to close while giving customers the best service. 

Their strong point is organizing property documents.


  • Get customers to sign contracts faster, save time and eliminate redundant data through templates.
  • Get customers to sign documents and close deals faster, securely from anywhere, anytime with Digisign.
  • Cutting-edge forms that auto-populate data for a faster, pleasurable data entry experience.
  • Track all your vital metrics and agent activities from the loaded broker dashboard.
  • Ditch redundant third-party apps and run your entire business from one place.


Contact sales.

Best All-in-one Real Estate Software

Property Base

Property Base, a cloud-based tool, prides itself as a leading full-service end-to-end real estate platform. 

Having helped over 8000 real estate businesses generate jaw-dropping 2 million leads last year, Property Base is the perfect pick for large enterprises and brokerages. From workflow management to generating leads, they provide a complete solution across the entire sales cycle.


  • Use the agile CRM to run laser-targeted automated lead nurturing campaigns and consolidate your leads for easy routing to agents.
  • Sharp analytics and reporting tools give you a complete view of every corner of your brokerage at a glance.
  • Reduce chaos, manage workflows, and handle transactions through intelligent back office tools.
  • Create fully branded lead generation-ready agent websites with advanced lightning-fast IDX function.
  • Nurture leads without raising a finger by sending timely emails and SMSs centered on triggered behaviors.
Real Geeks

Another trusted platform among the best all-rounder real estate software solutions is Real Geeks.

It’s jam-packed with tools for real estate companies and investors. Their software suite includes lead generation tools, SMS autoresponder, market reports, property valuation app, personalized mobile app, Facebook marketing service, automated email drip system, and other tools.


  • A personalized mobile app allows leads to do quick searches about specific property details and find exactly what they are looking for.
  • The Lead Manager CRM allows you to manage client relationships and automatically assign leads to agents based on source or location.
  • Boost engagement and deliver instant responses to leads via the SMS responder.
  • Generate tons of seller leads fast using the ‘What Is My Home Worth’ automated property valuation landing page tool.
  • Facebook Marketing Tool for creating high-performing Facebook ads and tracking their performance.


$249 a month for two users plus $25 for each additional user

Market Leader

Founded way back in 1999, Market Leader is vastly experienced in helping commercial real estate firms grow their businesses.

They are pioneers in real estate lead generation, transaction admin, and high tech customer relationship management systems. From customizable real estate websites to cellular phone apps, from marketing automation to intuitive contact management and more, they have everything to help real estate professionals and teams blossom.


  • The software integrates with over 40 lead sources, including Realtor, Zillow, and Trulia.
  • Build a strong online presence through a personalized and responsive website that’s designed for lead capture out of the box.
  • The Market Leader Mobile CRM App empowers a real estate agent to stay productive by interacting with leads from their mobile device.
  • Grab both buyer and seller leads on your IDX website with Leads Direct and save money by only paying for leads, not visitors.
  • Sell more homes by automating lead management, multi-channel campaigns, monthly newsletter, social media posts, and more.


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10 Best Free Real Estate CRM Software

If your budget is tight and you need a solid but free real estate CRM, here are our top choices.

  • Bitrix24.
  • Dotloop.
  • Zillow Premier Agent.
  • Ixact Contact.
  • Freshsales.
  • Zoho CRM.
  • HubSpot CRM.
  • Insightly.
  • Followup Boss.
  • Agile CRM.

Real Estate Software: Take Your Pick

There you have it.

Our top picks of property management software that are available on the market today. 

Real estate software boosts efficiency and makes agents, teams, or brokerages more productive. To sell or rent more properties, work with the latest tools. Weigh your options carefully and pick software that dovetails with your needs.

About the Author

As a native Washingtonian, Carlos Reyes’ journey in the real estate industry began more than 15 years ago when he started an online real estate company. Since then, he’s helped more than 700 individuals and families as a real estate broker achieve their real estate goals across Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.

Carlos now helps real estate agents grow their business by teaching business fundamentals, execution, and leadership.

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